If you want to visit many different places on your holiday without breaking the bank, Europe is a great destination. It’s so easy to get around and visit different countries, enjoy the changing culture and scenery, and make the most of your experience! And you don’t have to spend a ton of money to do it. It’s possible to be quite spontaneous with your European travels as well, which is an added benefit of traveling here. For example, from a country like Germany, you can easily travel to France, Austria, the Czech Republic or Belgium. So what are the best ways to get around Europe on a budget? Read on to learn more!



The train is by far one of the most popular ways to travel around Europe. Rail Europe offers links to so many destinations in Europe, that you could spend your entire holiday traveling this way. To travel on Rail Europe, you can buy your tickets a number of ways. You can go online to their website to purchase tickets in advance, which can save you money, or you can buy them at the station. Many travelers opt to buy a Rail Europe pass, which allows you to pay upfront and take unlimited train trips for a given amount of time. This is great if you want the freedom to travel around as you wish without the hassle of buying new tickets every time.


The bus can be another good way to travel around Europe, as it’s generally quite cheap. But be aware that bus travel is nowhere near as comfortable as the train. You can pick up buses in most major European cities and catch a ride to many different destinations. Most buses offer some drink service and reclining chairs for overnight trips, but don’t expect to get the best sleep of your life. The benefit here is that it’s cheap travel, but you won’t have as many options for destinations as you do with the train.


If what you’re looking for is quick travel time so you can get to your new destination in a few hours or less, you can catch budget flights around Europe. The no-frills airlines offer cheap tickets to those who book in advance or are just lucky enough to score a super low fare. You won’t be able to check bags or enjoy any perks of nicer airlines, but you’ll definitely save cash and time getting from Point A to Point B in Europe.

Top Tips for Traveling around Europe on a Budget