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I love hiring cars, especially on road trips in Britain, it just makes the experience that little bit more special. I try and get out on the road as much as I can whilst traveling and here are some great tips for hiring a car whilst traveling.


Car insurance is extremely important, especially in case of an accident. It is good to have peace of mind and insurance is absolutely great for doing this and allowing you to drive in peace. It is a good idea to make sure that the insurance that you take out will cover all the possible situations that might arise.

Size of the car

Often people will want to hire a huge car, but this is just not necessary. Not only will the car be expensive, but the fuel will also cost a lot too. You will need a car that is big enough to carry everyone and their luggage, but not so small that it is uncomfortable.  

When renting a car, there are a huge number of extras that you can buy to make your trip easier. Some of these can be very useful and I can highly recommend getting a navigation system. This will make the trip more pleasant, but allow you to take any detour your want and be able to get back on the road to your final destination.

Inspect and take photos

Every rental car will come with some form of damage report, especially if there are things like scratches or dents that you need to be aware of. It’s always a good idea to take pictures of the car beforehand, especially if there are these kinds of things that may have been missed. This will prevent you from taking responsibility for something that you didn’t do!

Make sure the numbers match

It is always a good idea to make sure that all the numbers match in the car. This could mean the amount of kilometres driven or the papers in the glovebox of the car. This is always a good idea, especially to ensure that there is no confusion in the event of something going wrong.

Prepay the fuel if you don’t have time to fill up

Another good tip is to prepay the fuel at the very beginning, because it can be very stressful to fill the car up with fuel at the very end. This is especially the case if you are running short on time. You can save some time and money here, and I find that the peace of mind is more than worth it.


Tips For Hiring A Car
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