It’s always tough to bring everything you want with you on your travels. Depending on the nature of your trip what you need changes. You don’t pack the same for a Caribbean vacation and an African safari! Its always hard to choose what electronics to bring on your travels but no matter where you go here are three things that you should take with you.


Your iPod can be your best friend when you’re traveling. This can be especially true when you’re taking a long journey through off the grid places where no wifi is accessible. If you take an overnight bus or train you’ll want something to keep you busy and even help you get to sleep (those buses and trains aren’t the most comfortable things in the world). The best thing to do is create a couple of playlists, that way you can quickly access whatever music you want to suit the mood.


Bringing your android tablet with you can be beneficial for a number of reasons. For one, you can load several apps onto it that can make your life on the road much easier. Some of these apps include, wifi finder, skype, or hostel world. All of these can be of tremendous help to you. You can also load games and other sources of entertainment onto these. Those nights in an Malaysian hostel can get pretty bored at night and its always good to have a good flick or a game available at your fingertips.


While many people may not necessarily think of a camera as travel technology, it most certainly is. Make sure you don’t forget your camera! I know that you may have a million other devices that have the ability to a picture but I promise they won’t look as good as they will on a camera. The zoom qualities, lighting capabilities, and frame-by-frame shots that are features on all basic cameras can get you pictures that will look as real life as the day you took them. This is the best way to hold on to and share so many of your travel memories.

Three Pieces Of Tech To Take on Your Travels
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