how to start a travel blog

To me how to start a travel blog is something that anybody can do as long as they have an idea of how, it really isn’t hard. The thing about blogging is that it can be as serious or as unserious as you want it to be. As a blogger myself it is a little bit of a different situation to when I first started, but at the end of the day starting a blog is in essence all a very similar process. Here is my guide to why you should start a travel blog, so read on to find out more and most of all enjoy.

There are endless possibilities

One of the things that I never expected before I even knew how to start a travel blog was that it is actually possible to make money from blogging. I was very suspicious of it when I received my first offer and couldn’t believe it until the money was in my account. Of course it wasn’t much in the beginning, but it was the first step. I have also had the chance to get some free accommodation in some different hotels and this was also really great. Of course very few people go into blogging as a means to make money, but the point is that it is possible and it could just be a nice little bonus for what is just a hobby for most people.

Connecting with others

I love that I can let all my friends and family know where I am and what I am doing. It also gives me something to talk about when I call home. The added benefit is that over time this changed for me and now I have people I don’t know who follow my journey, which is extremely rewarding. I get many well wishes from complete strangers, which I find to be very encouraging and interesting. I have also had the chance to meet up with some of these people on my travels and I am forever grateful for their hospitality and warmth.

Remembering things

I love the fact that I can pick a day on my blog and go back in time, just like a journal. I actually like to do this once or twice a week to reflect on some of my experiences. I have had so many memorable ones that I often forget some of the smaller things that have happened and it is always refreshing to read about it relive it all over again. As I said in the beginning the purpose of my travel blog has changed somewhat, but the one thing that remains is that these memories are still in there and it is great to read and remember them.

Final words

There are so many more reasons to start a travel blog, so get blogging today to find them out for yourself. All the best!

Why You Should Start A Travel Blog
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