It’s always a nice feeling when you are on holiday and you don’t have to dig deep in to your pockets to have a good day out. It means that you have more free money to spend on the tasty food during the evening time, trust me you want to have as much money as possible for food in Greece because the food is absolutely amazing! Holidays to Greece have been popular for many years with tourists, the country has some of the best beaches in Europe, amazing historical sites and fantastic weather. I am sure that most of you will have been to Greece or are planning to go in the future. Here is a superb list of things that will not cost you a penny on your next holiday there. Don’t let the fact that they are free fool you into thinking that they are not worth visiting, they are all worth visiting I assure you. Not spending money on site seeing for a say or two will always make you a happy holiday maker!

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Throughout the year there will be many times that you are able to eat in Greece for free, yes that’s right, you can eat some amazing food for absolutely no money at all! Nearly every village offers up a feast to give honour and respect to their local patron saint. These feasts are known as a Panegyria. The traditions that are followed do differ from village to village, but you can be sure to find a wealth of food, great music, dancing and a fantastic community atmosphere. Ask your hotel if they know if one is happening close to you, if it is you absolutely have to go!


The Greek government has to be one of the most generous in the world when it comes to allowing free admission in to their museums. The great thing is that the museums are also free during the peak season, not many countries match that sort of generous offer. If you are careful and plan your days correctly you will be able to visit quite a few of the museums in one go, so take out a map and plan well.

Parliament Building

We are used to the changing of the guard outside Buckingham Palace in London, it’s one of the longest running traditions and one of the favourites with tourists. You can also see the changing of the guar at the Parliament Building each day, we know how our boys do it in London so now it is time to see how the Greeks do it. The best time to go and watch is on a Sunday, Sunday is the day when you will be able to see the most guards.

Greece: Things to do that won’t cost a penny!
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