There are so many things to do when visiting Naples that it is hard to know what to do first. There are some things that are definite must dos when on a trip here. Here are a few hints for a trip to remember:

Pizza, Ice-cream and Coffee:

Three things that we take for granted. Believe me in Naples these three items are a different world. Naples is actually the home of pizza, so if you are a fan of the cheesy dough, get yourself off to a local pizzerie and try one of the specialist pizzas. You will find that for many of them there appear to be large queues. Don’t be tempted to give it a miss, there is usually a fast service and you will be at the front ordering your mouthwatering pizza quicker than you expect. At a lot of the pizzerie the making of a pizza is considered to be a craft so you will find a lot more showmanship than in your local Pizza-hut.

Also not to be missed on your gastronomic excursions are the amazing ice-creams (or gelato) that are to be found in Naples. The choice of flavours is amazing and you will be amazed at how creamy and delicious ice-cream can be. Top it off with one the famous Neapolitan coffees – small and very strong so only partake in small quantities unless you want a massive caffeine spike.

Pompeii and Vesuvius:

Everybody remembers Pompeii from their history lessons. You cannot complete a Naples Tour without a trip to these historical sites. They are full of archaeological history and the sight of Vesuvius itself is something to behold. You can see what life was like for those that lived in Pompeii through the painstaking work of the archaeologists and it makes for a very informative and educational day.

A City of Culture:

Naples is home to the famous San Carlo Opera House, and a trip to see a performance is highly recommended. Previous directors of the house include famous composers such as Rossini and Bellini, and the house itself is a vision of opulence and grandeur. Add visits to the many Art Galleries where you can see the likes of Caravaggio’s Seven Acts of Mercy, or The Flagellation and you should be steeped in more culture than you can handle. If you prefer your artwork to be slightly more contemporary then consider heading down to the metro. Young and upcoming artists use the underground as a canvas to display their talents and it is a cheap way to take in the works of international names.

You will never be bored when you spend time in Naples. It is a vibrant city with something for everyone. If you want to finish off on a high then take yourself to the beach for a late night beach party, you’ll find that everyone else made it there too.

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Fun Things to Do On That Trip to Naples
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