Florida is one of the most visited states in all America, and it’s easy to see why not least because of its amazing climate. Florida was discovered in 1513 by chance, when Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, the first ever westerner to come across the state, was actually looking for the mythical Fountain of Youth! Over the coming years, England and Spain would trade blows over who had the legitimate rights to Florida, however in 1819 Spain decided to ‘sell’ Florida to the United States of America. With the Seminole Indians as the area’s first settlers in 1842, Florida as a vast cultural and historical history, so if you’re thinking about visiting the sunshine state this year, let’s take a look at some of the top attractions to experience.


Miami is the most Latin city in the world (north of Mexico), and from humble beginning as a little circus town, it’s come along way to steal the hearts of domestic and international tourists alike. Offering a blend of Colombian, Cuban, Haitian and American cultures, the cuisine in Miami – as you can imagine – is spectacular. Furthermore, there’s a lot to do here too, and that’s apart from experiencing the fantastic beaches. Miami is home to some of the most distinctive architecture in the world, and from the traditional coffee houses and bars to the luxury clubs overlooking the shoreline, there’s no doubt that you’ll have more than enough to keep you entertained in Miami this year.

Walt Disney World

If you’re holidaying with the kids in Florida this year, then you’re actually standing in the theme park capital of the world! As adults, this is a place you can’t and shouldn’t knock until you’ve tried it, and when it comes to the kids, very few will have any complaints. Walt Disney World is the biggest and best theme park on the planet, and the sheer amount of attractions and entertainment will no doubt leave your head in a twist. From huge rollercoasters and funfairs to themed restaurants, markets, enchanted castles, face painting and so much more, your children will be more than worn out after a day at Walt Disney World – that’s if you can stomach the mile long queues though.

Key West

Key West is a fabulous destination in Florida that is visited by millions of tourists every year. It’s the break away from mainland Florida that everyone dreams of, and it offers a blend of chilled vibes, great food, amazing beaches and an all round carefree attitude. No matter where you’re staying in Key West, there’s always a party to be found, not least on the beaches. Furthermore, a vacation here doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, so be sure to visit Cheapflights for some great deals and offers on airfares!


Sarasota is another one for the kids, and if they’ve ever dreamed of joining the circus, this is their chance! Sarasota is the circus capital of the world, and from the Ringling Museum Complex to the various theatres and live shows, this small town in thriving with entertainment. Not only can you enrol your kids in circus classes, but you can also watch them perform alongside many other children, showing off their newly acquired skills to the masses!

Florida: Experience the Sunshine State This Year
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