Antarctica is the holy grail of travel destinations and I don’t think anyone could ever argue with this. From the time that I did an Antarctica school project, I immediately knew that I wanted to go to this unbelievable place. I couldn’t believe the difference between where I lived and Antarctica and probably couldn’t understand it until I actually went. I did recently have the opportunity to go to Antarctica and it was something I will never forget, so read on to find out some of the things I did.


How did I get there?

I did something of a tour of South America first and eventually made my way to Ushuaia, which is in the deep south of Argentina. I took a cruise ship across the Drake Passage, which separates South America and Antarctica. Most cruise ships are leaving from here.

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I booked well in advance and I think this is the best idea. I think you should certainly ask all the questions you need and make a decision as soon as you can. Organising the right things to take was also a little time consuming, so I think it is best to get everything sorted out as soon as possible.

I did hear of some people just turning up in Ushuaia and booking from there to get a cheaper deal, but with compromises. This is obviously less than ideal and doesn’t guarantee anything and for me personally, I would hate to go to South America and miss out on the opportunity to see Antarctica.


My favourite highlight was of course stepping onto the continent itself, which surprisingly not everyone has the opportunity to do. I am of the belief that to say you went to Antarctica means that you actually stepped foot on the mainland and not just cruised around the waters and surrounding islands.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was getting closer to the water and by this I mean getting on a kayak or a zodiac boat. Being closer to the water is more exciting and you can really get an idea of the sheer scale of things. You also have the opportunity to weave in and out of the icebergs and go to places that really are not possible to go otherwise. I loved that you could see a lot of different animals doing their thing in and around these smaller and quieter places. It really felt special and is probably something I won’t get to experience again.

Final word

I would highly recommend that anyone visit Antarctica. I can honestly tell you that it is totally unlike any other holiday destination on earth and you will be remembering it for the rest of your life. Hopefully you get out there soon and most of all, enjoy!

My Experience In Antarctica: A Short Travel Guide
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