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I was lucky enough to stay recently in Cornwall at the Perran Springs holiday park and I can say that it is without a doubt the best campsite in Cornwall. I have been going to Cornwall for many years and it really doesn’t get better than this, so I decided to write a little bit more about my trip and what I did. Read on to find out why I keep going back to this amazing corner of England.

Park amenities

One of the things I really liked about the park itself was that there was a huge variety of things that you can do there and the different types of accommodation are great. It honestly does not matter if you are into bare bones camping, glamping, caravaning or hiring a cabin, Perran Springs has all of these. Personally I was camping and really enjoyed the diversity of the accommodation and there was everything that I needed.


I really enjoy fishing and Cornwall is one of the best places in the UK to get some fishing in, especially with all the complimentary nature that comes with it. There really is nothing better than fishing and where I stayed even had three fishing lakes available to do all the fishing that you could ever want.

The beach

Perranporth beach is one of the best in all of Cornwall, especially with the crystal clear waters and white sand beach. Perranporth is just a short drive away from where I was staying. Previously I stayed in other parts of Cornwall, but still visited this beach because it one of the best in the region. It was an absolute pleasure to have it so close by and I enjoyed getting out there for a nice surf. I was even pleasantly surprised to find a wetsuit washing area at the holiday park!

A few other things

This time around I did a little bit of exploring in the local area and I was lucky enough to go and visit the Eden Project. This huge and really impressive homage to nature is something I will without a doubt go back to. The huge biomes are worth seeing from the outside alone, but it is certainly the flora inside that really steals the show. I also spent some time at Tintagel castle, which was the first time I had seen it. It was great to see the old castle ruins and the stunning contrast of the coastline.

Camping in Cornwall
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