The West Coast of Scotland is stunningly beautiful with numerous fine sandy beaches, picturesque villages, lush hills and amazing age old castles that will open up your mind to its rich history. Some of the most scenic isles of Britain are found here. Forget about all your troubles and put on your relaxing cap and just make the most of your holiday by visiting these isles.


Take a ferry to the Isle of Bute and bask in its glorious beaches set along the azure blue sea, explore the magnificent Rothesay Castle once the holiday home for Stuart Kings. Oban is also another place to look out for when visiting the West coast of Scotland which is not only beautiful but considered as the gate to the Southern Hebrides. Witness how the Oban Distillery works as you enjoy spotting its exceptional variety of wildlife. Self catering in Oban is popular and great value, and you can stay in some amazing properties at the heart of this beautiful area.


The Cotswolds is set among spectacular wooded rolling hills in the South West of England between the cities of Gloucester, Bath, Stratford and Oxford. Shallow fast flowing rivers meander through the quaint honey colored stone villages and shaping the beautiful landscapes of Cotswolds. This makes it an attractive destination for lovers of history, tranquility, outdoor sports and open log fires.

Tour the Cotswolds at your very own pace. After exploring the towns, villages, castles and the parks retire into the comfort of your very own home away from home log cabin of your choice: either deep in the woodland forests such as the Forest of Dean where the sun rays filter through the magnificent oak tree leaves and outdoor activities never cease or choose to live by the waters in the Water Park where the range of beautiful lakeside log cabins is wide and prices quite affordable.

These cabins range in variety from cosy one bedroom cabins to spacious four bedroom cabins set in harmony with the glorious nature.  There are several bars and restaurants you can visit around and sample the Cotswolds cuisine.


The UK is very diverse with a lot to see, diverse landscapes, spectacular cities, quintessential countryside’s and not forgetting the ancient castles and palaces which tell the English story in such a magnificent way.

Start of your luxury UK holiday in London by taking a luxury motor coach through the city and get to see the magnificent crown of jewels, Buckingham palace and the theaters.

After visiting the highlights of London you can then head to Scotland in a train and explore its rich heritage and experience the warm hospitality. Explore the splendor of the Scottish capital Edinburg by use of open top sightseeing buses; its main highlights are Edinburg Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Get into a luxurious air conditioned bus and tour Loch Ness, which is legendary as the story of the Loch Ness Monster began here. There are numerous castles and is a place of rich history and natural beauty.


Beautiful Britain: Making the Most of a UK Holiday