Discover the incredible history of the UK, culture and heritage as you take a luxury tour of the Queen’s country as you get chauffer driven across this magnificent country. Explore the spectacular Lake District with its impressive landscapes dotted with sparkly water bodies, the rolling Yorkshire Dales. Visit York, the majestic Stamford and Cambridge, the historical Stratford Upon Avon, the dazzling Cotswolds with its wool churches, explore the splendor of Blenheim and Oxford, take a trip to the ancient Stone Henge and do not forget the exceptional Windsor Castle and Winchester. On such a trip you will see most of England and get to experience its marvelous scenery.

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Log cabins have grown from the days they just contained basic necessities to survive. Today, they contain modern facilities from hot water tubs, elegant furnishings, equipped kitchens and even modern entertainment facilities. In England you will be spoilt for choice when choosing the ideal log cabin for your holiday; from luxury water side cabins to country side cabins or forest cabins buried deep in the woods for privacy and adventure. Whichever you choose, staying in a log cabin will be most satisfying and memorable.


One of the finest characteristics of England is its abundance of stately homes that stand solid and ancient in the beautiful quintessential country side. In these large, traditional holiday homes you experience the past as if it were a reality and just enjoy living like true royalty: imagine what it must have felt like as you live in such spacious and elegantly furnished rooms. Chatsworth in Derbyshire is a magnificent stately home surrounded by the dramatic countryside of the Peak District, beautiful gardens with fountains and houses historical artwork that takes you back to the Austen’s era. This is just one of the many examples of the country houses in UK.


Get intimate with the historical past of England by engaging in a bit of leg work, there are numerous terrains across England that will bring you face to face with the intriguing past of England. Walk on the oldest road of England along the Ridgeway which stretches from Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire and see the famous carved white horse, eerie burial tombs of Waylands Smithy and the stone circle at Avebury. Other routes include the Hadrian’s Wall Path, York’s City Walls, Baths cobbled streets and the coastlines. For the ultimate challenge, do the John O’ Grates to Lands End tour on foot, taking in the variegated landscapes of rural, cosmopolitan, and Old English views.


The Scottish coastline is extremely lengthy and contains rocky shorelines, secluded island beaches, spectacular marine life, fishing communities and rugged and mountainous regions.  Scotland boasts of hundreds of island each unique and beautiful in its own special way: from the mountainous Shetland and Orkney to the spectacular lochs on the Isle of Skye and the beautiful sceneries of Dumfries and Galloway, there is a lot for you to discover in this islands. You can cruise in luxury as you savour the splendid beauty of the Scottish Coastline, hopping from one island to the next. And if you’re spending most of your trip in Southern England and don’t fancy the long journey by road, don’t despair. British Airways offer excellent value flights from London to Scotland so you can hop on a quick flight and be at the other tip of the island in no time!



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