If you’re looking for the perfect trip that includes amazing food, nature and adventure then you need to be heading to the Forest of Dean in the not so distant future. I’ve never really been a person to love the great outdoors but this trip certainly changed my mind on that front!


To give you a little back ground and essential information; the Forest of Dean is one of only a few remaining ancient forests in England, it also boasts the labels of being a cultural, geographical and even a historical area. You’ll find the forest in the west of Gloucestershire.

Here are 3 great reasons why we should all visit the Forest of Dean at least once.

Bask in the beauty

Due to its location it should not come as any big surprise that the main pull of the forest is the beautiful countryside. Nature and wildlife are flourishing in the area and it doesn’t matter what time you visit because you’re certain to have a fantastic experience. Like I said, I wasn’t much of an outdoors person but the Forest of Dean seemed to have this pull that just makes you want to get out and explore. Strolling through the rolling hills and woodlands I felt a sense of calm that I haven’t felt in a longtime.

Live in nature

Don’t only go to the forest for the day, the best idea is to stay there. The good news is that there’s something there for everyone regardless of your budget. Seeing as I was with my family we decided to book a holiday cottage in the Forest of Dean, I am so happy we did because it was spectacular. We were right in the middle of nature with sweeping views from any room. The kids had a blast because they had the biggest garden they’ve ever had to run, play and get muddy in. Book in advance to make sure you get the best discounts, there’s plenty out there to take advantage of.

Go under

There’s not only natural beauty to see above the ground, you can also go underground for a fantastic day trip. On offer at Clearwell Caves are both natural caves and man made tunnels which contact the caverns. If anything, this short little trip gives a real insight into what the lives of iron ore miners is really like. You can go at your own pace and you won’t be rushed along because there are no tour guides. Make sure you’ve got the right shoes on, if you’re there around christmas then this is a must see because you’ll find Father Christmas waiting there for you.

3 Great Reasons To Visit The Forest Of Dean