Every year, more than 500,000 people from all over the world travel to the United Kingdom just to learn English.  Lauded as the world’s top destination to learn English, the UK is, after all, the birthplace to this universal lingua franca. Not to mention, it is home to the largest range of English learning courses on the face of the earth, boasting over 3,000 learning institutions. Famous for its academic excellence, the United Kingdom also takes pride in providing the highest quality of education to its students, making it an ideal place to learn English for those who are looking for rewarding and high-income jobs.

From buzzing cities to quaint countryside towns, the United Kingdom offers a variety of thrilling and gorgeous locations where you can learn this language. Can’t decide on which place to learn English in this European destination? Well, take time to check out these helpful pieces of information.


No list of the world’s best places to learn English is complete without the inclusion of London. Of course, you can learn and speak English wherever you are in the world, but nothing compares with learning it in its motherland. Here, not only will you be speaking academic English with your fellow students and professionals, but you will also have to deal everything in English with practically everyone else. What’s more, the city of London is a host to some of the finest and most reputable universities in Europe and some great independent English schools like this too.

The benefits of studying English in London, though, go beyond academic and education. A true traveler’s paradise, this bustling city is simply a gateway to some of the most sought-after destinations in Europe, such as Spain, Germany, Amsterdam, Italy, and France. Plus, the city is blessed with beautiful scenery, as well as loaded with impressive architectural jewels and historic sites, such as the world renowned Buckingham Palace.

The Cotswolds

Looking for a more peaceful haven to learn English? Then, study this universal lingua franca in the Cotswolds, and bask in a quintessential English feel. As you study English in this quaint location, you will be amazed with the region’s ethereal natural beauty and magical old-world charm.  As a student in the Cotswolds, you will be able to learn this language while enjoying marvelous sights of verdant gardens, stone-built homes, rural landscapes and if you’re lucky stay in beautiful cottages like these.

Known for its serene atmosphere and breathtaking scenery, the Cotswolds is, by no means, as crowded as the city of London. Still, it presents a great opportunity for you to practice and master your skills in English. It may be quiet and rustic, but it has a lot of people whom you can speak to, and practice your English with. Besides, it is within striking distance to several urban centers in the United Kingdom, such as London.


One of the best and most exciting ways to study English in the United Kingdom is to enroll in a tailored learning course by the beach in Cornwall. With this English learning course, you get to learn the language in a very efficient way with the help of a team of savvy and skilled professors. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to delve into some of the hidden treasures of this European hub, such as its awe-inspiring beaches, and the historic mining areas of Cornwall, which have been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2006.


3 Great Places To Learn English In The UK